Bridge2Rwanda Scholars Helps Students Win International Scholarships

A native of Memphis, Tennessee, Mary Phillipa Sledge is the executive producer at SledgePro Media, LLC, a multimedia production company, and the president of P.S. The Final Word, a marketing and public relations consultancy. Outside of work, Mary Phillipa Sledge supports several charities, including Bridge2Rwanda.

Founded in 2007, Bridge2Rwanda promotes the direct investment of foreign entities into study abroad opportunities. In this way, the organization builds a metaphorical bridge to Rwanda, changing the lives of individuals at both ends. After developing a program at the request of President Paul Kagame to help students in Rwanda win scholarships at universities overseas, Bridge2Rwanda began its first class of Bridge2Rwanda Scholars in 2011.

Bridge2Rwanda Scholars identifies the country’s most promising students and prepares them to compete for international scholarships. The program identifies students based upon their excellent academic records, proven work ethic, and strong leadership skills. Eligible students must have adequate English skills and be able to explain a vision for the future of both themselves and their country. The program connects students to universities, local host families, internship opportunities, and churches with the hopes that this assistance will not only help students succeed but that it will also help them live with purpose as leaders of the future.


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Phillipa Sledge - Community Service Advocate
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